Amalgamedia Team Promo

Hey all, this semester I’ve been working on a really great project.  My team and I have been working on creating an interactive music video for the band Anti-Flag.  The fruits of our maglie calcio poco prezzo labor are getting ready to be picked.  I can’t wait for everyone to see it!  In the meantime check out our team promo that explains a little more about the project.  Don’t forget to check out the project’s website either!


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Here’s a look at what my project was about in the Fall Semester of the 2012-2013 school year.  On the project I was the sound designer.  I created all the sound effects for all of the cheap oakleys games we created.  I also shot and edited this promo together and created original music for it.  Take a look!  This project was a lot of fun.  Kids really were excited about what we were doing.  When our team would walk through the halls of the school kids would wave at us.  We felt like rock stars!  Here’s a link to our project’s website

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Sound FX!

Hey all,

So for this final round in BVW, Round 5, I’ve got to embrace the inner sound man I am and leave behind the amateur texture artist I was.  Here are some samples of sound effects I made for our game.  I got to use some of the old Hannah Barara sound effects and let me tell you, boy do I miss those Ray Ban outlet old cartoons.  They sure don’t make them like that anymore.  Now I know why my dad has Looney Tunes cartoons on DVD.  Anyway here they are:

Here are some of the creature sound effects I made.  In our game we have a brute, an orc, and a dragon!

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Here are the cartoony effects that just exude nostalgia, go ahead try not smile and remember the days when you hear ’em!

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