Here’s a look at what my project was about in the Fall Semester of the 2012-2013 school year.  On the project I was the sound designer.  I created all the sound effects for all of the cheap oakleys games we created.  I also shot and edited this promo together and created original music for it.  Take a look!  This project was a lot of fun.  Kids really were excited about what we were doing.  When our team would walk through the halls of the school kids would wave at us.  We felt like rock stars!  Here’s a link to our project’s website

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Music Video!

Hey all,

Here is my final assignment from my visual story class.  It is a music video!  The song happens to be one of my favorites, it’s Words In The Water by Thrice off my number 1 album of 2011 Major/Minor.  We were tasked to create a music video for any song but we had to incorporate an object, a Ray Ban outlet theme, and a color given to our team at random.  Our random stuff was:

1. Cerberal Blue

2. An Umbrella


The war story is what made this assignment pretty hard.  Anyway, have a look and I hope you enjoy it.  I hope it’s the last time I have to film something in a real cemetery!


Atomic Chicken Team Promo

The first visual story assignment of the semester!  Introduce the team!  We are ATOMIC Ray Ban outlet CHICKEN PRODUCTIONS! I created the beginning motion graphic in after effects.  Not too shabby for working with after effects for my first time…EVER!

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3 Iron Retrofit

This was the retrofit assignment for visual story.  The idea was to take a scene from an existing movie and redo it, shot for shot.  The assignment involved all of the pre Cheap Oakleys production including the shot list, overhead camera setups, and dialog, if any.  I was the main star! I also did some basic editing.  I’m also sorry I killed my good friend Mr. Balloon.

Here’s some more info on the movie.


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QWOP Game trailer

This was the game trailer assignment for the Visual Story class.  It was to make a trailer for a video game.  The pre production was handed off to us from another team in class, thus the cheap oakleys challenge being if we could stick to the other team’s vision.

If you’re unfamiliar with QWOP you can play it online for free here.  It is quite difficult but really funny.  Anyway, now presenting… the epic trailer for….QWOP!

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